Investor Services


AST provides a convenient way for a client to offer their employees a stock purchase plan, with shares purchased either at a discount or at market price.

We offer conveniences such as: payroll deduction processing, offering periods, book share positions, withdrawals, dividends and voting rights. Employees can sell shares through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or by visiting a website created exclusively for such transactions. Orders are executed promptly followed by rapid confirmation. Because AST holds the shares in book-entry form, we are able to send a check to the holder on the settlement day of any sale.

In addition, AST offers a full range of qualified Employee Stock Purchase Plan options. We can trade sales against purchases, supply restricted and unrestricted balances based on holding periods and provide disqualifying disposition reporting.

How it works:

Participants in the stock purchase plan receive unique identifying numbers enabling them to conduct ESPP transactions. We maintain a dedicated section of our website,, specifically for employee stock purchase plan participants. Participants can enter the site at any time using a special security code, enabling them to buy or sell shares. Alternatively, participants may conduct transactions using our IVR telephone system.

Finally, AST supplies year-end tax information to the shareholders and to the IRS and conducts any other necessary reporting in respect of the Plan.


ESPP Services

AST offers a full range of ESPP services, for both qualified and non-qualified plans.