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Company Profile:
Company Name: TESCO PLC
  Industry: Food &Drug Retailers
  Company Web Site:
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General Plan Information:
Allow non-U.S. Enrollment: YES
  U.S. Geographic Restriction: N/A
  Electronic Purchases: YES
  Minimum Initial Purchase: $250
The initial purchase amount is waived if you choose to invest in periodic purchases with a minimum amount of $25.
  Maximum Initial Purchase:
  Discount on Initial Purchases: 0%
  Initial Purchase Trading Fee: $0.06/share
  Initial Electronic Purchase Service Fee: $2.50
Additional Purchases:
  Minimum Periodic Electronic Purchase: $50
  Maximum Periodic Electronic Purchase:
  Discount on Periodic Electronic Purchase: 0%
  Periodic Electronic Purchase Trading Fee: $0.06/share
  Periodic Electronic Purchase Service Fee: $2.50
  Dividend Reinvestment Trading Fee: $0.06/share
  Dividend Reinvestment Service Fee: 2%
  Discount on Dividend Reinvestment: 0%
  Dividend Reinvestment Option(s): Full, Partial or None
  Direct Deposit of Dividends: YES
  Sales Transaction Service Fee: $15.00
  Sales Transaction Trading Fee: $0.12/share